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Tue, Feb. 9th, 2010, 08:34 pm
Writer's Block: Wake up and smell the coffee

Given the choice, would you rather sleep in or eat a delicious breakfast? Is there any food you love so much that you'd wake up at dawn or travel a great distance just to eat it?

Well, I probably haven't posted in about 2 years, but thought I'd take this opportunity to talk about how much I love breakfast. Sleeping in makes me feel sick and I wake up before dawn most weekdays anyways, and often eat breakfast before 5 am. I'm much more about the naps on days off. But there are SO MANY foods I would go out early for - tomato, garlic, mozzarella omlettes with or without some kind of beans or chickpeas; stuffed French toast, especially creme brulee; coffee with lots of milk and sugar; tropical fruit plates; Soundbites French toast WITH a whole bunch of fruit; good old fashioned fried eggs, wheat toast & mixed fruit jelly, and home fries; oatmeal with raisins; almond croissants; even a Dunkin Donuts egg & cheese on a wheat bagel is enough to excite me. Most of these are a walk away. If anyone ever wants to get any breakfast food at dawn, I'm the person to call!

Wed, Feb. 10th, 2010 08:48 am (UTC)

Definitely not surprised that your time off from this is...well...broken by a food post. Thanks for not changing that part of you in the past few years.